Our history

The Cf Compagnie fiduciaire group has existed in Geneva since 1991, when current Partner Christian Furrer co-founded our first entity, Cf Compagnie fiduciaire de gestion sa.

The group has grown steadily since then, yet remains a manageable size with 15 employees.

Since 2013 we have been operating under three separate entities:

  • Cf Compagnie fiduciaire de gestion sa
  • Cf Compagnie fiduciaire de révision sa
  • Cf Compagnie fiduciaire du Léman sa


Our advantages

In the many years of our existence, a testament to our quality, we have accumulated a wealth of experience. This is reflected in our high retention rate among clients, who often go on to recommend us to others.

Our employees have built up an excellent network of contacts with various administrative offices, law firms and notaries, enabling them to handle specific requests in a direct and efficient manner.

These contacts are distributed throughout our staff, a multidisciplinary team with a very low turnover rate. Our clients therefore have a dedicated account manager as their direct point of contact throughout the relationship.

Finally, our size gives us a wide range of competencies, enabling us to offer personalised services at an attractive price.